As part of the McMaster Physician Assistant Education Program curriculum, each student shadows a professional in the field relevant to the unit being studied that month. These are called IER placements and students are assigned a half-day shift at a hospital in Hamilton. IER stands for Interviewing, Examining and Reasoning.

IER Placement: Respirology

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 7.41.08 PM

Medical Foundation Unit: Respirology

Professional Shadowed: Respiratory Therapists (RT)

Date of Placement: Wed. Oct 8, 2014

Where: McMaster University Medical Centre

IER Placement: Cardiology

Medical Foundation Unit: Cardiology

Professional Shadowed: Registered Nurse

Date of Placement: Thurs. Nov 6, 2014

Where: Hamilton General Hospital – Heart Investigation Unit

IER Placement: Hematology

Medical Foundation Unit: Hematology

Professional Shadowed: Hematologist

Date of Placement: Wed. Dec 3, 2014

Where: St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton – Hematology Clinic

IER Placement: Gastroenterology

Medical Foundation Unit: Gastroenterology

Professional Shadowed: Gastroenterologist

Date of Placement: Fri. Jan 30, 2015

Where: McMaster University Medical Centre – GI Clinic

IER Placement: Endocrinology

Medical Foundation Unit: Endocrinology

Professional Shadowed: Nurse Practitioner

Date of Placement: Thurs. Feb 26, 2015

Where: St. Joeseph’s Diabetes Clinic West 5th Campus

IER Placement: Urology

Medical Foundation Unit: Urology

Professional Shadowed: Urologist and Surgeon

Date of Placement: Monday, March 23, 2015

Where: Juravinski Hospital – Clinic

IER Placement: Infectious Disease

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 6.57.59 PM

Medical Foundation Unit: Infectious Disease

Professional Shadowed: Infectious Disease Specialist

Date of Placement: —

Where: Juravinski Hospital – Clinic and Ward

Others not listed

  • Medical Oncology – JHCC
  • Neurosurgery – HGH
  • Fracture clinic – HGH

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