Clinical Projects

pap-test-imageAt the clinic where I volunteered in the Summer of 2014, there are some on going projects assigned to the medical clinic assistants. I had the opportunity to learn about these screening projects as well as take part in advocating it to the clinic’s patients. Projects listed:

Medical Abbreviations

At the clinic I volunteered at, I had to opportunity to file reports from doctors in various fields. The most difficult part is deciphering their hand writing and short hand notes. I have compiled a list of abbreviations that I have come across repeatedly. This is a list of common abbreviations. A full list can be found in a quick Google search.

Deciphering a Doctor’s Handwriting

gyno noteThe medical clinic assistants here fear handwritten doctor reports because most are hard to read. I am sure I am not the only one who have always wondered why most (not all) doctors’ handwriting are sometimes illegible. In this post I will be discussing how dangerous sloppy handwriting can be and how I go about deciphering a doctor’s handwriting.

Medical App: Figure 1

First things first, I want to give big props to Dr. Joshua Landy and his company, Movable Science, for creating this awesome, free medical image sharing app! I have been using this app for about a month now and it is time I share my thoughts on it.


Other Articles


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Why You Trust the Internet More Than Your Doctor

Doctors were once the most trusted members of the community, but now it’s the opposite. Why are we so desperate for our doctors to be wrong?

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