Here are some interesting reads regarding healthcare that I want to share. Enjoy!

Delivering Bad News

An ER doctor sees the health care system through a patient’s eyes

When Dr. Brian Goldman’s father had a heart attack, he experienced first-hand the jargon, hints and deceptions of the medical system.

Physician Assistant Suicide

Palliative Care vs Physician Assisted Suicide

Dr. Donald Low made a poignant video in favour of physician-assisted suicided, filmed just eight days before he died. His widow, Maureen Taylor tells the inside story of how Low’s wish, and palliative care, filled his final days.

Supreme Court Physician Assisted Suicide Death Decision: At a Glance

On February 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada has unanimously struck down Canada’s assisted suicide laws to call for new legislation to allow mentally competent but suffering patients to seek a doctor-assisted death.

Last Updated: February 2015

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