Sometimes I come across and read articles on Physician Assistants that are so well said that I cannot find the words to say it better. And I want to share them with you. I will periodically update this list and maybe tag a few sentences that I felt were expressed really well from the article. Enjoy!

Maureen Taylor

Health Debate, December 13, 2016 | Maureen was an established CBC journalist when she decided to train as a physician assistant. She reflects on the joys and stresses of her new career and how being a former journalist influences her work.


Gander surgeon calls for use of physician assistants

CBC, November 2016 “[Russell Gander] said PAs facilitate patient care and take stress off physicians and surgeons. This allows those medical professionals to be more thorough and creates a more efficient workplace.

“It allows for easier and more efficient patient flow in terms of admission, discharges, in terms of surgical assists in the OR — they fill a lot of roles,” Russell said.

Last week, the Conference Board of Canada released a report on the use of physician assistants in Canada. That report indicated integrating them into the national health care system could save millions.”

Physician-assistant integration could save time, money: report


Photo from Globe and Mail (McMaster PA Students in Feb 2010 – Thyroid exam)


The Globe and Mail, October 2016 “Integrating more physician assistants into health-care teams could help alleviate the increase in demand, decrease wait times and alleviate health workforce shortages,” said Louis Thériault, vice-president of public policy at the Conference Board. The financial and efficiency gains are based on the assumption that the number of physician assistants (PAs) would rise steadily, from 500 currently to 900 within five years and then 2,000 in 2030.”

Expanding the role of hospitalist physician assistants achieves similar clinical outcomes, costs less

Science Daily, October 2016 “More and more medical centers are relying on hospitalists — hospital-based internal medicine specialists who coordinate the complex care of inpatients. Now, an 18-month study comparing two hospitalist groups — one with a high physician assistant (PA)-to-physician ratio (“expanded PA”) and one with a low PA-to-physician ratio (“conventional”) — has found no significant differences in key clinical outcomes achieved by both groups.”

Physician Assistants Work to Define Role in Health Care Profession

A really good article that touches on the Ontario PA role in healthcare, what the profession entails, education to become a PA, and testimonies on job satisfaction.

What is a Physician Assistant? 

Career Options | Jordan Adams Essentially what I would of wrote for my “What You Don’t Know About Physician Assistants” if I was a better writer. You might as well read it so that you can fall deeper in love with the Physician Assistant profession, as I did.

10 Things Physicians Should Know About PAs: Part 1

Physicians Practice | William Morgan, MD and Randy Danielsen, Ph.D., PA-C I LOVE this article! First, we ain’t no medical school rejects. Do you know how hard it is to get into a PA program?! Second, we are trained just like doctors. Upon graduation and certification, we are competent in treating you! Waiting hours to see your doctor? Why not see if we can help you first? Lastly, we are awesome team players who enjoy working with nurses and physicians alike. We just…love our job!

Physician Assistant regulation: Can nurses unions have it both ways?

Healthy Debate | Maureen Taylor Why are we fighting with each other about which profession is better? Is patient care not our priority? Shouldn’t we be focusing on doing whatever is possible to increase patient’s access to health care? The answer was and will always be working in a team. Putting the debate on who is better aside, integrating PAs can really help decrease the wait time for patients to receive help and also decrease the stress that is on the physician.

Last Updated: November 2016

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