November 27th – National PA Day

November 27th is National Physician Assistant Day in Canada!

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 9.32.23 AMMake sure to follow our social media using the hashtag #PADayCA. Check out last year’s hype on #PADayCA on twitter here.

Read more on how PAs are doing in Canada so far (PA Fact Sheet 2013) and information regarding the McMaster PA Program Information Night.

Interested in how PAs are doing in Canada so far? Here is a quick PA Fact Sheet from 2013!

Notable facts:

  • PAs were introduced into the Canadian public health care system 13 years ago in Manitoba, in Ontario 6 years ago, and in New Brunswick and Alberta 2 years ago.
  • In the emergency department setting, PAs appear to be equally capable of performing
    procedures if adequately trained and supervised and the quality of care provided by PAs is comparable with that of emergency specialists (attending) physicians and senior residents. This results in shorter wait times for patients.
  • In Ontario study on the utilization of PAs; 95% of physician working with PAs said that the PA had increased their own efficiency in providing care.
  • PAs are allowing physicians to increase the number of patients they are able to treat in a day and to serve in their practices overall. Having a PA on staff has permitted many physicians to provide same-day access for patients with acute problems.

For students who are interested in the McMaster PA program, there will be an PA Program Information Night on November 26th, 7:00PM at McMaster University Health Sciences Centre (HSC) Room 1A1.

If you are unable to make it, here is the program information sheet. Any questions regarding admission requirements can be directed to the program office at If you have questions about the profession or program in the perspective of a student, feel free to email me using this contact form!


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